Recovery, Franco: “At the end of the summer, 191.5 billion will arrive for Italy”

The minister: “European resources will be available at the end of the summer with pre-financing at 13%” – Ansa /Courier TV

The Recovery fund for Italy “provides funds available to our country for approximately 196 billion at current prices, 69 in the form of transfers, 127 in the form of loans”. However, the latest data, and the European regulation that takes as a reference the GDP of 2019, lead “to an estimate of the amount of resources of around 191.5 billion, slightly lower than that indicated in January”. “The European resources will be available at the end of the summer” with pre-financing at 13%: “For our country the plan is a very important opportunity, it makes it possible to deal with some structural problems in a coordinated way and with significant means”. Economy Minister Daniele Franco at a hearing on the NRP before the EU Budget, Finance and Politics Committees of the Senate and Chamber.



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