Recovery Plan, Cottarelli: “It abounds with phrases of a general nature, there is a lack of substantial content”

“The growth strategy that Italy should follow needs to be improved” – Ansa /Courier TV

“A more concise presentation of the document, not so much in terms of length, but in terms of the relationship between text and substantial content, would have been more effective in my opinion. The PNRR in its current version abounds with statements of a general nature and repetitions that in my opinion make the document less effective than it should be, and above all more difficult to read – so Carlo Cottarelli, director of the Observatory on Italian public accounts, during a lecture to the House Budget Committee. – The first pages define the growth strategy that Italy should follow: this part, which is absolutely fundamental, must be greatly improved. In its current form, the NRR is very focused on public investment and much less on creating conditions for private investment to be allocated in Italy ».



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