Red Cross: Now “donations instead of firecrackers”

Red Cross: Now “donations instead of firecrackers”

With this campaign, the Red Cross offers a sensible opportunity to donate money to people in need on New Year’s Eve instead of letting off firecrackers.

Vienna (OTS) For many it is an indispensable tradition: the New Year’s Eve fireworks. With a loud bang and colorful lights, the past year is said goodbye and the new year welcomed. It’s nice to look at, but the short spectacle has its price – in many ways. Because the fireworks, which are usually produced abroad under the most adverse conditions, are not cheap. The environment also suffers: in addition to the fine dust released, the rubbish that is often contaminated with chemicals simply remains on meadows and paths after the fireworks. Wild and domestic animals suffer enormously from the noise. And for many people, too, the loud banging is a great burden. In addition, every year people are seriously injured when handling the fireworks and the party evening ends in the hospital.

Donate money now instead of making firecrackers!
A donation for people in social need is therefore more sensible than a short firework display. With the campaign “Donations instead of firecrackers” you directly support the help of the Red Cross. In addition to individual spontaneous help, this includes social support that supports people in difficult life situations or the Team Austria Tafeln, which bring relief with food donations.

donation opportunity
IBAN: AT57 2011 1400 1440 0144
Purpose of donation: Individual spontaneous help

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