RED SHIRT | BLOG RED : Sport Club Internacional

RED SHIRT |  BLOG RED : Sport Club Internacional

In one of my many wanderings around breaking a branch for the office I met Carlos’ son, Bento. Today it has become fashionable to revive some nicknames from the past, but at that time when the boy arrived after his father in that old building where we worked, he thought that soon he would cry out for a new revolution.

And in a way, maybe he did.

The kid was very Colorado. I even remembered my middle son, who had also founded a love for the Club amidst the pain and hopelessness of that grimness that was the 1990s. But it was 2000 and things hadn’t changed much: after all, it was Caxias in end against them.

Bento told me that I needed to react or the Colorados already hidden in his classroom at school would end up disappearing. Blues were witty, smug, and goofy. His ideal of revolution was only one: he had to have a Caxias shirt to wear the day after their defeat.

Even if he had never dreamed of wearing a mantle that wasn’t the Colorado, that would be such a big slap on the Grêmio fans, a submission to humiliation, which was a “mockery” he was willing to make. He added that the Colorado gods would forgive him (and the conversation scared me, after all, I was a kid with those stories…).

I don’t remember how many phone calls I had to make, it was a different time, but I managed to get a burgundy shirt and gave it to him as a present. And didn’t Caxias really win the championship?

I was remembering this story throughout the first half of our last game. That’s because the touch of the ball from the mountain team made me realize that I didn’t see Internacional doing the same this year, on the eve of April – the anniversary month of the Club and our Giant.

And the month when the children finally have to leave the classroom.

All the important championships of the year will start and this start will tell us how 2023 will end. And we still don’t have the team we need, the group, the coach seems to have lost his way without his own speeches. The team looks out of breath and strength. Once again, we are on the lookout for any citizen who looks like a football player, to book him in the last minutes of the signing period. In the hope that they arrive, go out playing and straighten the team.

Anyway, we kept trying to mount the mare for the glue.

Days before that final they sent me to another corner of Rio Grande and I couldn’t witness the young Bento’s color revolution. But I think it was liberating, triumphant and soul-washing. Now it’s time for a new Colorado revolution, on our feet, this time starting from the team itself on the field. Liberating. To wash the soul.

The difference is that for this we will wear our white mantle, this red shirt that has witnessed so many glories. Remembering how the old Colorado sea is enchanted, the game is played beautifully and there is a ball show.

The revolution right now is ours! In a red shirt. With a cachaça in hand, of course. To get the party started.

And don’t let it end too soon.


– Mano Menezes seemed cornered. Or else, preparing the boat to show that he is the boss. I don’t know… But I hope his ego is the victor. Thus, we will win too;

– Rumors that we couldn’t even remove a player from the “powerful” Japanese football. Sometimes it’s tiring, I confess;

– End of March and some players still haven’t played in 2023: Bustos and Vitão, for example;

– Don’t go too far, I praised Carlos de Pena. It started out as a 2 liter soda, full gas. But, inexplicably, it is already without it;

– Our goalkeeper Keiller had to be hit on the lips to remember why he became the main goalkeeper;

– Maybe there are a few more there who need to resolve their crises in a good exchange of punches. Nothing is so invigorating…;

– It takes patience with the base, I speak of Matheus and his mistakes in the last match. But, it’s also missing to go back to the time when the player showed what was coming. It’s very paternalistic;

– I understand that the current management favors respect for the club’s accounts and always seeks the best deal. But shirt 5 we haven’t had for 6 months. No other definition crosses my mind other than this pure and simple: incompetence.


Full house on Sunday. All to the Giant, Nation?

The time is now Colorado fan. Wear your mantle and see you in Beira Rio!



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