Red wave on the corona traffic light – coronavirus –

The corona traffic light gets more red

At the Thursday’s meeting of the traffic light commission, the number of countries marked red will probably triple. Lower and Upper Austria are likely to join Salzburg. Because these three federal states have a risk number over 100, which is the limit for a very high risk of infection, according to the traffic light working paper available to the APA.

If you stick to the risk figure, Vienna, Tyrol and Vorarlberg also slide back, namely from yellow to orange and thus into high risk. Only Burgenland still has a value of 44.3 that represents a medium risk. With 50.3, Vienna is of course only just above the limit for medium risk. In contrast, in Tyrol the number of risks has almost doubled in one week.

The development over the past 14 days is also negative. Only in Vienna, where stricter rules have been in place for weeks than in the rest of Germany, is the situation stable. Everywhere else the number of infections is increasing, with Tyrol with plus 40 percent and Lower Austria with plus 34 percent showing a particularly unfavorable development.

The comparatively stricter, PCR test-intensive regime in the federal capital also pays off in the asymptotic cases that are discovered. With a share of 48 percent, Vienna is well above the national average of 31 percent. For comparison: In Salzburg, the country with the worst risk figure, the figure is only 19 percent. The number of clarified cases is down at 62 percent nationwide. Vienna, which again has by far the highest test rate, has the best value with Lower Austria (67 percent each), Salzburg again the worst with 55 percent.

What is particularly unfavorable is that the numbers in the particularly vulnerable group of over-65s are rising sharply – by almost 43 percent. Once again the worst development is in Salzburg with an increase of almost 93 percent.

At least as far as the prognoses are concerned, things are slowly getting tight in the intensive care units. In Lower Austria, an occupancy rate of 25 percent is expected in two weeks. Vienna and Salzburg are also above the 20 mark in the forecast. From 33 percent it becomes critical. The federal capital currently has the worst value with a good 15 percent.

As far as the absolute number of cases is concerned, there is already an incidence of over 500 in Hallein, Melk, Gmunden and Scheibbs. With the risk-adjusted incidence, which also includes other factors, Hallein (688) is already approaching the 700 mark. Melk has even skipped it (713). Also, no federal state is below 100 in terms of the absolute number of cases; Burgenland and Vorarlberg just manage to do this in the risk-adjusted state.



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