Red zone at Easter, rules like at Christmas


Italy red zone at Easter and at Christmas, with rules, bans and restrictions on holidays and days before holidays to stem the spread of the coronavirus. Closes over the weekend, yellow zone strengthened with ad hoc measures intended to integrate the Dpcm of March 6 to counter the English variant of the covid. Today the government, which is planning a confrontation with the regions, awaits new data on the framework of the epidemic in Italy and, on the basis of updated information, will evaluate the measures that will be adopted by the Council of Ministers tomorrow. The control room with Prime Minister Mario Draghi yesterday assessed the situation, with the bulletin which recorded 22,409 new infections and 332 deaths.

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The most immediate step is represented by the mechanism that will automatically trigger the red zone if 250 cases of coronavirus per hundred thousand inhabitants are registered. On the table, for the rest, a series of hypotheses, including the one that foresees the red Italy on weekends, with the closure of bars and restaurants. There is not even a verdict on stopping moving from the municipalities of residence or on the possibility of allowing people to move while maintaining the curfew of 22. To be defined, then, when the squeeze should start. Draghi stressed the importance of informing citizens in advance: launching the measures tomorrow and introducing them on the weekend of 13 and 14 March would compress times.

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“We need new measures, new rules. The virus runs faster with the English variant of the covid”, explained Roberto Speranza, Minister of Health. At ‘Accordi e Disaccordi’ he answered questions on weekends in the red zone and the reinforced yellow zone. “These are all hypotheses that we have begun to evaluate, the president of the ISS Brusaferro will provide us with data. The decisions must be supported by data that are as updated as possible. There is the novelty represented by the English variant, more contagious by 35-40% . The request of the scientists is to take more rigorous measures, we will have to carefully evaluate the numbers and take proportionate measures. We have weeks ahead of us that are not easy but more substantial doses of vaccine will arrive and this will allow us to run, “he said.

The introduction of stricter measures and rules “is likely to avoid a further worsening” of the epidemic “with the increase in cases, deaths and pressure on hospital wards”. The enemy, at this moment, is the English variant which “runs much more than the original stock. The scientists have made some suggestions, we will evaluate the measures. It is advisable to move in tight time to bring the curve under control”.


“It is very likely that for Easter we will move towards a mechanism similar to that adopted for Christmas: red zones on holidays and the pre-holidays and in the period around Easter where the movements could be more massive”, summarized the Minister of Agriculture and member. of the control room, Stefano Patuanelli, at Porta a Porta.

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“In the government and in the control room it is obvious that there is debate, the situation leads us to focus on a precautionary principle: after a year of pandemic, on the other hand, there is a very tried economy and there is a dyscrasia between the need for measures to contain the pandemic, while developing a vaccination plan and supporting a suffering economy “, he explained.


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