REDMAGIC launches its first gaming screen

REDMAGIC launches its first gaming screen

RedMagic, Nubia’s gaming brand, announced during the online REDMAGIC Gaming Evolution event held today (Tuesday 3/28) theREDMAGIC 4K Gaming Monitorthe company’s first gaming screen that comes in 27-inch size with 4K UHD resolution with miniLED backlight and a refresh rate of 160Hz.

While the RedMagic brand is familiar to most of us from the mobile series for gamers including the Red Magic 8 Pro and the Red Magic 7S Pro which we reviewed on the website, the company is interested in providing a more comprehensive line of solutions for gamers not only in mobile, but also for their personal gaming computer, with peripheral equipment New which also includes the company’s first REDMAGIC 4K Gaming Monitor screen.

miniLED 4K gaming screen

RedMagic’s new gaming screen was first presented in China in July of last year, when it comes in a design with a thin frame on 3 sides of the screen with a Fast IPS panel with 4K UHD resolution, a refresh rate of 160Hz and a miniLED backlight with more than 2000 LEDs divided into 1152 Separate lighting zones, which allow the screen to reach a maximum brightness of 1300 nits and meet the DisplayHDR 1000 standard.

The REDMAGIC 4K Gaming Monitor supports the FreeSync Premium and GSync standards, but its use is not “limited” only to gamers, but is also suitable for content creators and more with compliance with 99% of the DCI-P3 and Adobe RGB color standards.

The REDMAGIC 4K Gaming Monitor (source RedMagic)

Similar to other gaming monitors on the market, the new RedMagic screen comes with built-in RGB lighting on the back, which comes in a “triangle” configuration, with the screen supporting a 90 degree tilt for vertical display.

In terms of its built-in connections, in addition to the usual HDMI and DisplayPort connections, it will also be possible to find a USB-C connection on the screen that allows video signal transmission and in addition 90W charging for supporting laptops.

Technical specifications – REDMAGIC 4K Gaming Monitor

  • size – 27 inches in 16:9 ratio.
  • panel – Fast IPS with 4K UHD resolution and miniLED lighting.
  • Color standards – sRGB 99% / DCI-P3 99% / Adobe RGB 99%.
  • HDR standard – Meets DisplayHDR 1000.
  • refresh rate – 160Hz.
  • response time – 1 ms.
  • connections – HDMI 2.1×2, DisplayPort 1.4×1, USB-C 90W ×1 and 2 USB connections.

REDMAGIC’s new gaming screen will be available for sale starting April 6 at a price of $869, first in the US and Canada.

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