Refreshments, bartenders and restaurateurs ask for certainties from Alto Adige – Bolzano

BOLZANO. “Dear Councilor Schuler. We welcomed your response with pleasure and shared it with enthusiasm to the many people who follow our initiative. With His words He listed things and facts that we were already widely aware of. I want to assure you that we understand the complexity and difficulty of your work in these difficult and unfortunately also tragic times. However, we would like to point out to you some difficulties and gaps that emerged from your communication, which in our opinion, have sometimes been hasty and not entirely clear, and this has created false expectations, anxiety and insecurity in the citizens that risked putting trust in question. towards the institutions of our Province “.

Thus began the letter (it is the second) that a committee that includes South Tyrolean baristas and restaurateurs wrote to the Tourism Councilor of the Province. “We kindly ask you – they continue – the dates of the deadlines for the disbursement of the aid and subsidies that have been promised to us.

We are aware of the difficulties and we propose to set up a discussion and collaboration table with the sole purpose of moving forward faster and deeper into the heart of the issues. We have been experiencing the uncertainty of tomorrow for more than a year every day. By comparing and helping each other around a table, we are sure that we could significantly shorten the times and above all we will be able to have a much simpler, more understandable and transparent communication between the administration and the citizens; very important thing in this moment in which, we can guarantee you, the psychological stability of the population is in a very delicate situation.

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We also believe that this “table” would give a strong signal to citizens and that famous “together” would be strengthened for the good of all.

Dear Councilor, we need an urgent and simple answer but with certainties to communicate to the population. We pray that whatever your answer is, please communicate it to us with the utmost urgency because the suffering is too much. As President Kompatscher said “there is no more time to waste”.


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