Refugee boat capsizes! 31 tragic deaths – British PM worried

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Courtesy: kirisha Surenthiran

As many as 31 refugees have been killed after a boat capsized on its way to Britain, local media reported.

According to a press release issued by the international media in connection with the incident,

The boat, which was off the coast of France, sank in the English Channel while trying to reach England, killing the refugees.

The victims are believed to be from Yemen, Eritrea, Chad, Iraq, Iran and Egypt. It is believed that this is the worst accident involving immigrants trying to reach Britain illegally.

Downing Street News reports that Cobra will chair an emergency committee meeting in response to the situation regarding British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he was shocked, shocked and deeply saddened by the incident, which left at least 30 migrants dead.

It is reported that a rescue ship has arrived at the port of Kalles from the area where the incident took place. The bodies of some of those who died on board are also believed to have been loaded.

The state media reported that five women and two children had drowned and that the death toll had now reached 31.


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