Refugees and immigrants must be educated, Cardinal Czerny!

A symposium on the education of immigrants and refugees was organized at the Gregorian Pontifical University in Rome.

Joey Kariveli, Vatican City

Cardinal Michael Czerny, prefect in charge of the Vatican’s Department for Integral Human Development, said that if we want to ensure justice, compassion and humanity for immigrants and refugees, a coordinated effort is essential.

On Monday the 26th (26/09/22) he was addressing a symposium on the education of migrants and refugees at the Gregorian Pontifical University in Rome.

Cardinal Czerny stated that this collective action is necessary if we want to give back to immigrants and refugees what they have lost while fleeing their homelands and homes.

He pointed to the fact that the social teaching of the Catholic Church provides a helpful framework for starting organized action and finding and sharing ideas.

Highlighting the importance of education in this, Cardinal Cherney explained that we need to move forward together and provide education in different situations in different places.

He said the educational gap between refugees and their peers in the host society can be so large that it undermines the process of integrating immigrant and refugee children into the local community.

Quoting Pope Francis, Cardinal Cherney pointed out the importance of using three languages ​​in the process of education, i.e., the language of the mind for thinking and judgment, the language of the heart for understanding, and the language of the hands for action.

He reminded that governments, communities and the Church have a mutual responsibility to provide refugees and migrants with meaningful educational opportunities and that they must work hand in hand with a clear sense of mission and generosity.


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