“Refusal is out of ignorance, like equating doctor with magician”

The long wave of the suspension of the AstraZeneca anti-Covid vaccine batch which is leading many citizens to cancel their vaccination reservations, and which has awakened the demands of the No Vax, “is the result of a lack of scientific culture. There have been reassurances from Aifa, Oms, Ema, from the company itself, but if you don’t trust anyone, then instead of going to the doctor you could easily go to the magician “. Thus the pharmacologist Silvio Garattini, president of the Mario Negri Institute, speaking to time.news Salute.

“If more scientific methodology were taught at school, there would be no such discourses – he says – and everyone would know that it is almost never true that, if one thing happens after another, the first is the reason for the second. There is no scientific culture. – he reiterates – and so everyone can say what they want “. “But if you no longer trust the professionalism and skills of others, then the doctor is like the magician and why take drugs when you are sick? You could take anything else. We are facing an inconsistency – says the pharmacologist – because when you are sick you run to get treatment when you are well you get denial ideas “.

And again: “Establishing a cause-effect relationship is very complicated – continues Garattini – in this case it was right to withdraw that lot, it is a duty and it cannot be done otherwise. Indeed it should be considered a positive thing because it shows that there are controls and due precautions “.

“All those who discuss these problems must bear in mind that on average about 2 thousand people die every day in Italy, that someone dies in the vicinity of a vaccination is absolutely reliable and should not be surprising – he says – because the vaccine is not against death for any reason, but against Covid. And today we have an average of more than 300 deaths a day from Covid, if everyone were vaccinated there would be over 300 fewer deaths “, he concludes.


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