“Regeneration is a development driver”

by time news

Rome, March 15 – (time.news)

“We are developing a new paradigm that looks at the values ​​of sustainability and well-being. Rehabilitation and regeneration can and must represent a real driver for the launch of new models for sustainable development, which can be activated through administrative knowledge, scientific and technological and shared skills, in the context of a broad and conscious collaboration between the institutional system and the industrial sector and therefore behind that ever-current relationship of the public-private relationship “. So Silvia Paparella, general manager of RemTech Expo, today at the meeting of the scientific committee of RemTech Expo.

During the meeting numerous proposals emerged from the various members of the scientific committee. Among those present, Fabrizio Curcio, head of the Civil Protection department, for whom “Rem Tech is an important reality in the crucial sectors of civil protection, reconstruction and prevention. On the occasion of the last edition we launched the idea of ​​the Charter of reconstructions, an important step towards a new legislation in the field of reconstruction of territories hit by major emergencies. Carrying out these projects that can be perfectly integrated with emergency management activities is fundamental and represents the work of today’s Scientific Committee “.

“The Civil Protection Department – adds Curcio – will give the greatest possible contribution in terms of exchange of experiences, innovation and know-how with an attitude of maximum listening and openness to the stimuli that will come from the vast world represented by Rem Tech”.

To recall the fruits of the collaboration, Brigadier General Giuseppe Vadalà, Extraordinary Commissioner of the Government for the reclamation and illegal landfills. “In the fourth year of intense collaboration with the RemTech technological hub in Ferrara, insights, analyzes and possibilities in the sector of common interest of environmental remediation and sustainability were developed together with the various partners of the community, along the axis of the public-private connection. in the transparency of actions “.

“In this sense – he adds – the figure of the Commissioner or Government Commissioners must not be perceived and must not be a functional figure of extraordinary intervention but instead an ordinary figure of operational intervention capacity alongside the central and territorial administrations and therefore an arm strong and efficient operation of the state and regional administrative machinery, ie proximity to the territories with the aim of doing, doing well and doing quickly “.

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