“Regions flop on medical training, risk of complaints”

Rome, March 24 (time.news Health)

During the Covid-19 crisis “the regions demonstrated their fragility in the governance of both the pandemic crisis and the vaccine crisis, and due to this management gap, the vast majority of regions did not implement the regulations on the compulsory training of doctors, exposing them to claims for damages. The training of doctors is essential to guarantee citizens adequate care and assistance. However, the Regions continue to ‘hinder’ the full implementation of Law 24/2017, which encourages white coats to update themselves “. To report it is theassociation ‘Consumerism No profit’, concerned that poor training for health workers could adversely affect the quality of citizens’ care.

A concern that is worsening “especially now, in the midst of the pandemic and with the vaccination campaign underway – reads a note – given that professional updating is the only way to guarantee patients adequate treatment and assistance and in step with the new knowledge about the Sars-Cov-2 virus and the Covid-19 infection “.

The Gelli Law, which regulates professional responsibility – the note recalls – was approved after years of waiting, debates and controversies. The bone of contention is article 8 paragraph 3 which provides that in the event of a claim, the insurance, while covering the injured patient, can claim against the doctor (or the structure) if this is not in compliance with at least 70% of the training. keep it going. The law allows doctors who have fulfilled their educational obligation to benefit from a substantial reduction in the bonus malus policy. This is a measure strongly desired by the three competent ministries (Ministry of Health, Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry for Regional Affairs) and even well-liked by the physicians’ corporations. However, the reform ran aground at the State-Regions Conference.

Regions are already making a bad impression with different management of the pandemic first and vaccination after – says Luigi Gabriele president of Consumerism – now do not expose medical health personnel to the risks of complaints and compensation. A risk that is obviously worth more than the health of citizens and their right to know whether the professional they rely on is up-to-date or not ”.

For this reason Consumerism invites the Regions to act quickly to ensure the full implementation of the law, all the more so given the current pandemic period, in which it is essential to provide patients with the safest and most up-to-date treatments. It would also be the case – concludes the association – to publish the list of those who are regularly in good standing with professional training, also to give users the opportunity to choose before undergoing treatment and entrust their lives to anyone “.


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