Regions were allowed to independently determine electricity tariffs – RBK

The government has given the regions the right to independently introduce differentiation of electricity tariffs for the population, depending on the volume of consumption, Kommersant reports with reference to the Cabinet of Ministers decree.

According to the document, the subjects themselves will be able to set the minimum volume of consumption that can be obtained at a reduced rate. Also, regional authorities will be able to determine different tariffs for certain groups of the population.

Previously, the ability to regulate the tariff in relation to consumption existed only in Crimea and Sevastopol, however, amendments to the government decree extend this opportunity to all regions of the country. Now in Crimea the minimum concessional consumption is set at the level of 150 kWh per month.

Tariff authorities of the regions when establishing the volume of the minimum preferential consumption will have to be guided by the “guidelines” of the Federal Antimonopoly Service. As the newspaper writes, while there is no such method, it will be developed within two months.

The Ministry of Energy supported the idea of ​​special tariffs for electricity for miners



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