release date, liabilities, legends… Everything we know about season 16

release date, liabilities, legends… Everything we know about season 16

After almost three months of a more than average Season 15, Apex Legends will soon enter its 16th season. A key moment for a game in slight loss of speed.

[Mis à jour le 06 février 2023 à 17h47] While TSM have just been crowned world champion of Apex Legends for the third time in their history, the famous Battle Royale does not seem to be doing well. The fall in the number of its players is the result of a season poor in content which will not have succeeded in attracting players exasperated by problems beyond the gameplay of Apex itself. Hundreds of cheaters, crashes, server issues… The list of thorns in Apex Legends’ side is long, and that’s why season 16 of the game is so eagerly awaited.

While the second part of the split of ranked games has just started, we can already predict the official date of arrival of season 16 on Apex Legends. If the Battle Pass end date is to be believed, Apex Season 16 should arrive on February 14th next, a date that coincides with the habits of Respawn Entertainment, which tends to upload each new season on Tuesdays around 18 hFrench time.

The exact content of the sixteenth season of Apex Legends is not yet known to players, but we can already be sure of some changes that should arrive next February. Season 16 will be the time for Respawn to change its matchmaking formula in order to offer more balanced games to its players. The studio has already claimed to put in place some new solutions which should be deployed in 2023. The split of ranked games will start from scratch on Olympus or Canyon des Rois. A new Legend was set to join the fight, and according to recent leaks, it should have been Ballistic.

Ballistic, is an upcoming assault legend that takes the form of both a support for his allies, and an aggressive legend in combat. His passive should be to be able to carry a third weapon without attachments on his back, his tactical ability is a combat debuff applied to enemies in the form of an overheat of their weapon, and his ultimate is a movement speed buff, reload speed and amount of ammo for himself and his allies. The ultimate should also temporarily turn Ballistic’s third weapon into a gold version. Unfortunately, Respawn said it wanted to focus on existing legends in season 16, so Ballistic was postponed to a future season.

The other key information that we have been able to glean in recent days on Reddit and Youtube is the arrival of a huge buff for the in-game media category. Loba, Gibraltar, Lifeline and Newcastle will indeed be getting some love with the arrival of Season 16, thanks to a new passive allowing support legends to be able to craft a resurrection banner in the crafters, even after the end of the season. banner recovery timer. Enough to greatly boost these four legends who will undoubtedly become essential to maintaining a complete team.

In addition, all existing legends will be classified into five distinct classes. Each of its classes will be unified by common skills and liabilities. It includes Assault, Scout, Fighter, Guardian and Support. This simple change is meant to benefit all Legends by creating some form of in-game consistency. could benefit from substantial ups.

Although Apex Legends already has its own anti-cheat system in the form of Easy AntiCheat, some discussions on the Electronic Arts side have reached our ears about an upcoming deepening of player protection measures. This change, long believed to come in the form of Hyperion, software that protects applications from outside software influence (including Strikepacks and Cronus), will finally come in the form of an all-new anticheat. called “kernel”, ie acting at the base of Windows. Successfully employed by Valorant, this solution could well reduce the diabolical growth of the number of cheaters on Apex Legends recently, and even prevent users of Strikepacks and Cronus from using their recoil control tools or rapid fire, at the Fortnite way. These changes could arrive in the coming months.

It was requested when the game was released in 2019, crossplay was finally implemented on Apex Legends in October 2020, and has since been active by default on all platforms. It does not affect your solo games, but defines the type of players you encounter when playing in squads with your friends. If you are all on the same platform, the players in front of you should mostly use the same console. If you are on different consoles, your lobbies will be populated by a mix of players from different platforms. Console players can optionally disable crossplay in game options.


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