Remarkable Szczesny, Ronaldo too sure; partitone Scamacca-

These are the Juventus report cards after the 3-1 victory over Genoa in the 30th matchday of Serie A, a result that allows Pirlo’s team to maintain third place just one point away from Milan:
6,5 Szczesny
Two saves, but remarkable, as often happens to good goalkeepers, stopping Scamacca, who was shooting from two steps, and closing the corner in Pjaca.
6 Square
Sign theopening, dribbling Rovella at the entrance to the area and loading Kulusevski’s shot; and even afterwards he collaborates with the offensive orchestra. Badly behind, however, between risky moves (hand ball at the edge of the area) and skidding on the assaults of Zappacosta.
5 De Ligt
For some time now she has preferred brisk manners to elegance, still working well, but until a certain point in the afternoon. Less well, on the threshold of the interval, when he is bypassed by Scamacca, in the danger zone. Ditto in the second half, hanging one on one with the number 9, on a push that the referee judges not exactly irresistible.
6 Chiellini
Precise, without puffs, even if he too, who in the first half had gone to double, slips away Scamacca, in the most dangerous action of Genoa.
6,5 Danilo
Never seen so stuck behind, but it performs the task with skill and application.
6.5 Kulusevski
Back to scoring after hibernation: last notch on 27 January (Coppa Italia), even on 19 December in the league. It continues after the initial pool shot, but in the long run it goes out.
6 Bentancur
Dynamic, but not always proactive, he lost the timing of the challenge at the beginning of the second half.
5.5 Rabiot
All too carefree, it doesn’t affect, on the contrary, it spoils a couple of balls that could become dangerous.
6.5 Church
Flattens the field and the afternoon, propitiating the doubling, then continues to hammer his offensive side. He also has fuel in the second half, but makes a few mistakes on the counterattack exhaust.
6.5 Morata
Not always irresistible, but he offers himself for the banks and throws fewer balls away in transition. And he is good at following the action, scoring in tap-in on Ronaldo’s post.
5,5 Ronaldo
Misses a goal for overconfidence, then does not find the way to shoot. In the second half, a single action worthy of him.
6 Alex Sandro
Straighten the trench, giving more solidity than Cuadrado (even from the opposite side).
6,5 McKennie
Immediately dynamic, Genoa slips on the border of the offside: fifth goal in the league (sixth season) is confirmed as the only true “invader” of the Juventus midfield.
6,5 Pirlo
The first half resembles the continuation of Juve-Napoli, then something gets stuck, risking the same. With the changes (and Genoa in 10), he fixes the situation.


These are the Genoa report cards:
6.5 Perin
Three goals conceded, but Superman’s cape would have been needed to stop them. For the rest, he arrives well on many non-trivial pitches: Chiesa’s diagonal, Rabiot’s hit, Alex Sandro’s attempt.
5.5 Masiello
Game of good trade, even on Ronaldo’s feints, but he has on the criminal record the belated climb that keeps McKennie in play.
4,5 Radovanovic
The unbearable lightness of the contrast that, in the middle of the field, leaves the garden of the house in Chiesa wide open and, from there, to the doubling of Morata. Even after, a grind.
5,5 Criscito
The only one of the three plants to risk the advance, often successful. Then, some sealing problems, also forced to spend a yellow card.
5 Biraschi
Put in crisis by Chiesa, Ballardini changes him at half-time.
5.5 Behrami
Dab, even with bad manners: then it disappears.
6 Badelj
Compassate, but geometric, he never throws the ball away: and Genoa’s blunders certainly don’t start from his mistakes.
5 Rovella
A nightmare start, when Cuadrado jumps clean and serves the assist of the first advantage. At 19, he has the merit of not getting depressed, while still suffering.
6 Zappacosta
In front, a half portent, making Cuadrado slices, but behind it often disappears, starting with Kulusevski’s goal. He ends up injured, leaving his team in ten.
7 Scamacca
A big party, considering that he was between two not bad bodyguards. Yet, physically, he always takes a hit, and technically, he knows the grammar of the center forward. Moral: textbook action, back to goal, even if you eat the goal in front of Szczesny; and goals of strength, getting rid of De Ligt.
5,5 Pandev
Eternal, he maintains a sense of position and vision of the game, but never manages to make himself dangerous.
6 Ghiglione
It seals a little more the lane that Biraschi left in the lurch.
6 Pjaca
With him, another Genoa: a dangerous low shot, a tiraccio in the curve (but after an excellent movement) and the impression that, at a certain point, the rossoblu could also find the two equal.
Ballardini Starting with a too low center of gravity, however, he finds an excellent set-up in the second half; but the five changes are spent too soon, ending up in ten, and at the mercy of Juve.

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