Remco Evenepoel and a perfect rehearsal for the Giro – International Cycling

Remco Evenepoel and a perfect rehearsal for the Giro – International Cycling

By @amatiz12

After showing signs of being the strongest, Remco Evenepoel was able to materialize that condition with a good win at Alto de La Molina, defeating Primoz Roglic, his future rival for the Giro d’Italia, head-to-head. According to the Belgian, today’s stage was a good preparation for the Pink Race from the individual and collective, which adds better signs towards that goal.

“I had a great day”, opened the world champion, whose only ‘but’ was not having triumphed wearing the rainbow. “We had a plan and it was this… we wanted to push in the previous climb and then attack before the short descent in La Molina”, summed up the young cyclist about the perfect execution of what was planned in the previous one.

Once he went on the offensive, only his Slovenian opponent could respond, but by not relaying, he showed Remco that he was pushing him to the limit. “Roglic did not give me the relief and that made me think that he was not so strong,” he confessed, who then took him down in the final meters of the climb. “I was more confident in my sprint and knew I had to go into the turn first.”

The good functioning of its block -which will be almost the same in Italy- and looking fresh on days with unevenness, mean good news. “The team showed that it has class and is prepared for the Giro,” added the one who is still escorting in Catalonia, but equal in time with Roglic.

For a day that was not easy due to its chaining and accumulated unevenness, the conclusions drawn by Evenepoel and QuickStep are very positive. The ‘Wolfpack’ was the best team and isolated Primoz, showing that in mid-level disputes they have enough to support their leader, who expresses agility in unusual arrivals for him, but which will be the constants of the Giro. It is confirmed that the preparation is on the right track and that they are polishing the details that can bring them closer to getting the Senza Fine in May.

Alejandro Matiz

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