Renault assures that diesel “has gone down in history”

It does not seem that traditional combustion engines are going to have a long journey within the Renault Group. Already with the Arkana it was decided to do without the diesel engine -and the manual transmission-, a trend that has been consolidated with its latest SUV, Austral.

The world industrial director of the Renault Group and president of Renault Spain, Jose Vicente de los Mozosduring the presentation of the new SUV was blunt: “I think that diesel went down in history at the moment in which the European community decided to opt for electrification.”

The director of Renault Spain, Sebastien Guiguesseconded him: “We think that launching a diesel engine on the market is a bit old-fashioned, especially when our hybrid engine has the Eco label and 15 grams less CO2 per km.”

De los Mozos also took the opportunity to criticize the Electric Vehicle Part, stating that this project is not going to solve the problems of the Spanish industry, since changes must be made throughout the value chain.

“Only setting up battery factories does not fix things. A country plan and a roadmap are needed for the transformation of the industry”, stated the director. The transition to electrification is something that “has a long way to go but it must be done in an orderly manner.”

“These decisions are geopolitically delicate and cannot be taken lightly,” said De los Mozos. «It is essential to take into account what the user requests and consider that in Madrid, for example, most cars are more than 12 years old. Let’s not kill things before their time.”

The Austral is the first model to arrive after the implementation of the Renaulution España industrial plan, which will be in force until 2024. This model is the first to receive the CMF-CD platform, which will be the basis for two other models in the C segments and D that will come off the assembly lines in Palencia.


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