Renault: Classic 4, 5 and Twingo become electric with a conversion kit

Renault: Classic 4, 5 and Twingo become electric with a conversion kit

Renault classics are given new life: Models 4, 5 and Twingo become electric with a conversion kit

A conversion kit is intended to turn several classic Renault models into electric cars

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Renault wants to revive its models 4, 5 and Twingo of the first generation. The French car manufacturer, in cooperation with the company R-Fit, is launching a conversion kit for the classics. This turns them into electric cars.

The Renault models 4, 5 and Twingo are among the classics today. The Renault 4 celebrated its 60th birthday in 2021, the Renault 5 is now around 50 years old and the Twingo is at least 30 years old. Now the French carmaker wants to breathe new life into the three models of the first generation with a conversion kit. In cooperation with the French company R-Fit, the classic models are to become electric cars in France, as Renault announced this week.

According to the manufacturer, the conversion kit has passed the various certification tests of the UTAC (French Automobile, Motorcycle and Bicycle Federation). The security level corresponds to the market standards, it is said. In addition, the usage and maintenance costs are lower. In addition to a CO2-free drive, Renault promises an extended service life for the converted models. Above all, they should be well suited for modern city traffic.

The latter statement also seems logical in view of the technical data. The vehicle’s mechanical drive system remains unchanged, but a lithium iron phosphate battery with a capacity of 10.7 kWh is installed. That’s pretty little for a modern electric car. According to the manufacturer, the battery is fully charged in 3.5 hours at a household socket. The much faster charging at a charging station is probably not possible. At around 80 kilometers, the electric range of the converted classics is pretty meager by today’s standards, but should be enough for the average driver.

Conversion kit for Renault classics costs at least 12,000 euros

If you want to turn your old Renault 4, 5 or Twingo into an electric car, you can pre-order the conversion kit soon. For the Renault 4, it will cost from 11,900 euros and will be available online from February 1st. However, the Renault 5 should start in September 2023. Then the companies want to bring the corresponding kit onto the market. The kit for the Twingo will be available “at a later date”, says Renault. The converted models will be on display at the annual Rétromobile2 classic car show. The kit can also be ordered from R-Fit there. According to Renault, subsidies can be claimed in France.

After the conversion has been carried out, the vehicle owner receives the relevant registration certificates for his or her car. This officially turns it from a combustion engine to an electric vehicle and comes with a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Conversion to an electric vehicle is also possible for cult models from Citroen

With Citroen, R-Fit also offers the electric conversion kit for cars from a second French vehicle manufacturer. The cult models Citroen 2CV 6 – better known as the “duck” -, 2CV box AK400 and AK 350 can also become electric vehicles. They should have an electric range of 90 kilometers. The kit for the 2CV is already approved, for the AK400 and AK350 panel vans it is in the process of homologation. The purchase price starts at 8900 euros. Alternatively, the 2CV sedan is also available from 35,000 euros and the 2CV panel van from 40,000 euros – each in an electric version. In cooperation with the coachbuilder Caselani, Citroen also recently started offering a conversion kit for the Berlingo 2CV Fourgonnette.

Sources: Renault, R-Fit


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