Rendering images show the full design of the Google Pixel 7a

We are still at least several months away from the estimated announcement date of theGoogle Pixel 7abut already now imaging images reaching us from the known leaker OnLeaks revealing how the device will look in practice.

Through these images it can be seen that Google does not plan to withdraw from the new design language that it began to develop with the Google Pixel 6 series, which is mainly characterized by a horizontal band for the cameras that separates the upper part from the lower part of the device.

According to the published technical information, the dimensions of the Pixel 7a will be 152.4 mm long, with a width of 72.9 mm and a thickness of 9.0 mm.

Compared to its predecessor, it is an increase of only 0.2 mm in length, 1.1 mm in width and a decrease of 0.1 mm in thickness, which means that we should not see too many differences in the grip of the two devices in terms of sizes.

Examining the front part of the Pixel 7a, we can see that Google continues with the thick margins that surround the display, similar to the previous generation, when even if we compare the future design shown to the Pixel 6a, there is no noticeable difference in the thickness of the margins between the two.

The camera hole also remains in the same position, as well as the audio earpiece, the volume control buttons and the on and off button.

Moving to the back of the device, you can notice the more significant difference, as we find the new design for the photography array in the form of a metal strip versus a black glass strip, and inside this metal structure sits a pair of cameras in an elliptical module.

Compared to the company’s current flagship series, Google is going back to the design of the Pixel 6 series with the Pixel 7a, so that while this year in the flagship series the metal strip slides straight from the frame to the back, with the Pixel 7a it will return to a situation where it simply sits on the back of the device and includes a separation from the frame.


Based on Google’s last announcement date for the Pixel 6a, it’s possible that the Pixel 7a will also be revealed in May, but considering the fact that in previous years Google didn’t announce the A series in May, we can’t expect an announcement in May at all For sure.

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