Reneesha imitates Akhil Marare in Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 has won the hearts of the audience with spectacular performances in the first week itself. This time the show has started with 18 contestants. Each contestant participates in the tasks with great enthusiasm. Fans are now debating whether Akhil Marar’s mannerism in such a task was imitated by Reneesha.

Everyone participated in the competition which Bigg Boss named ‘Vanmathil’ very competitively. After a difference of opinion, Akhil Marar bit his tongue and got angry when Reneesha came to Rahman and got into a verbal argument. While talking on the weekend episode, Mohanlal asked Reneesha how it was, and Reneesha then used to imitate Akhil.

The contestants participated in the first weekly task in nine teams of two. The team consisted of one nominee and one safe from the first open nomination. During the first weekly task in several stages, three golden blocks with special benefits were obtained, but two of them were damaged and invalidated. One held his own until the end and Shiju was freed from the open nomination.

On the basis of the weekly task, Vishnu, Rinosh, Gopika, Lechu, Reneesha, Anjus and Angeline have been included in the list of possible exiters next week. Akhil became the captain in the first week of Bigg Boss. Each performance plays a huge role in who will stay in Bigg Boss.

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Last Updated Apr 2, 2023, 3:11 PM IST


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