Renting The Right Car: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Size

Road trips are always exciting with your partner, friends, and family. But sometimes, you don’t want to drive your car for that perfect road trip and want to enjoy a new or better vehicle instead. You must relax and research before banging on the rental car company’s door if that is you. There are a lot of things to consider before selecting the perfect car. Things like; What size rental car do I need, what size rental car do I need for 4 medium suitcases, what size rental car do I need for two golf bags and suitcase, and what size rental car do I need for my size are essential to know before your road trip.

In this post, you will get a comprehensive guideline for renting a suitable vehicle for your road trip according to your members and luggage.

What is Your Destination?

Before hiring a car, the first thing you need to know is the final destination of your trip and the routes you will follow. It is essential to consider this because if you are just going from one city to another, a mid-engine hatchback will be the perfect size for you. Alternatively, if you consider seeing the sunset at Grand Canyon, an SUV or a powerful truck will make your life easy.

Your luggage will define your tour. So, if you want to hit 9-hole courses at a golf course, you need a car with good boot space.

Who Will Be Joining You?

Another important aspect is to consider the possible number of companions who will be your road trip buddies. If it’s just you and your lovely partner for a weekend gateway with medium size luggage, then a sexy convertible or a luxury sedan will be enough for you. You

However, if you are going out with your kids, you need a proper SUV with a comfortable seat for everyone and ample trunk space to fit all the luggage. The same situation is applicable if you are going on an all-boys road trip for a week.

What Will Be Your Selected Route?

Planning for a perfect road trip is as important as going on one. So, selecting the route for your entire trip is essential before hitting the road. Moreover, it helps you choose the right car to rent for an economical and enjoyable trip. For instance, if a big chunk of your journey is on highways, you need a smooth car with better fuel economy to cut the distance comfortably and efficiently. Therefore, a car with cruise control will be a better option for driving on a highway.

Similarly, if you go to the North for mountain expeditions, performance will be your primary concern over the economy. Here you need a 4×4 truck rather than a mid-size hatchback.

When are You Leaving?

This is another crucial aspect to consider before renting a car for your road trip. Knowing the weather forecast during your road trip will help you to choose the right vehicle. RealCar NYC is a luxury car rental service that specializes in providing a seamless and personalized experience for clients seeking high-end vehicles in the New York City area.

For instance, if you’re planning your summer trip, you most certainly require a car with good air conditioning. You can compromise a little bit on the trunk space because your luggage will be light in summer. However, if the trip is on a snowy road near the mountains and in winter, then you need a reliable engine with a good road grip. For that selecting a 4×4 truck or SUV will be a better option. You must consider the boot space in winter as your luggage will be big and heavy.

Extra Support

You must consider every extra detail before selecting the right car for rental. For instance, you might need a booster seat for your kids, a ski rack, or a trailer chain to accompany your rental car. 

What is the Right Size for Your Car?

Once all the planning is done, know you are at the point of selecting the right size of car you want to rent for your tip. The majority of car rental companies divide all their rental vehicles into the following categories which are as follows:

  1. Mini: This category defines smaller vehicles like Toyota Aygo or Hyundai i10. These vehicles have 4 seats, 3 to 4 doors, and can contain a maximum of 2 small bags.
  2. Economy: This category includes small families, long-distance rides, and fuel efficiency. Cars like Ford Fiesta or Citroen C3 with average luggage capacity, 4 seats, and 4 doors fall into this category.
  3. Compact: The cars in this category will make your long-distance fuel-economy trip easier. The majority of the cars here will be a hatchback with better features. A few examples are Toyota Auris and Ford Focus. This category is sufficient for three passengers with full luggage options.
  4.  Standard: The cars in this category are your regular sedan cars with comfortable seating capacity for 5 passengers. They have better comfort, support, luggage space, and features. For example, Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, or Peugeot 301.
  5. Crossover: Crossovers are a hybrid of SUVs and full-option sedans. They are comparatively tall, have better luggage space, are comfortable, and are packed with many features. Prime examples are Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tuscan, and Honda C-RV.
  6. SUVs: A.K.A Sports Utility Vehicles, these cars are bigger than sedan cars, have bigger engines, are comfortable for long-distance driving, and are supportive for off-roading and mountain terrains. In addition, you have options like the Ford EcoSport, Suzuki Vitara, or GMC Acadia.
  7. 4×4: These are the big dogs of cars and are filled with high-performing engines. These cars have lots of sitting and luggage space. You can go nuts on these vehicles while off-roading or driving on mountain terrains. However, forget about the fuel economy if you go for cars in this category. Cars like Toyota Land Cruiser or Dacia Duster are famous options.


There you have it, a complete guideline and a road map to work on before going on a road trip. If you were not using your car and decided to rent one, consider all the above points before going to a car rental company. If this is your first road trip, following the points above will reduce your travel anxiety to the bare minimum to enjoy your time. 

Make sure to select the right car category which suits your trip perfectly and which you are comfortable driving. Bon Voyage. 


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