Renzi closes an alliance with the Democratic Party if there will also be M5s – “If the Democratic Party allies itself with the Grillini, no, we will not enter this alliance“. The leader of Italia Viva, Matteo Renzi, has no doubts and in an interview with Corriere della Sera, clarifies his position: “We are distant from the anti-European right of Salvini and Meloni but also from the vulgar populism of Di Battista and Beppe Grillo”. For Renzi, therefore, “not with the sovereignists, not with the populists”.

Even if everything appears to him “in the making”, as in Rome, for example: here “Letta cannot support the Rays, Conte cannot unload her: it seems to me that this alliance is far from being born. If he adds to this that the grillini are concerned above all from the no to the third term, the picture – he argues – is further confused. We think of vaccines, of the gradual reopening of schools, theaters, restaurants, bars. They are more serious issues than the future of Conte or Di Maio ”.

Then on Letta, the leader of IV, he underlines that “the most incisive thing that the secretary has done, to date, has been to change group leaders by imposing the female question. But then we must continue “, he urges, because” we vote in Turin, Milan, Bologna, Rome, Naples and for the parliamentary seat in Siena – suggests Renzi – I think it is right to choose female candidates as well“.

“We in Bologna – he continues – have the strongest candidacy, that of the lawyer Isabella Conti. Woman, leftist, reformist, capable mayor, on the front line against urban havoc and first in Italy to give free nurseries. The Bolognese will decide. , not I. But if we are consistent with what we say, Pd and Italia viva, we must go knock on Isabella’s door, begging her to run “.

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On the hypothesis that Renzi is leaving politics, the former prime minister clearly says: “It’s the dream of my opponents. Many of them hope for it, I understand them. I’m sorry to disappoint them: I will not stop doing politics. In the meantime, however – he continues – they could begin to do it, perhaps without thinking of me obsessively and worrying about the problems of the country. Every time they paint me out of politics, something happens “and instead, he remembers,” we are still here and I claim the battle to give birth to the Draghi government as the one to send Salvini home in 2009 “.

On the fact that Italia viva does not take off as a party and that it is actually losing a few pieces, Renzi explains: “You can measure a party by the proposals it makes, by its impact on political life, by the contribution it makes to the country. Not by polls more or less. I don’t know if, as they say, Italia viva really has 2%. If so they should give us a double reward. Because with 2% we changed the history of the next few years by imposing Draghi in place of Conte. If with 2% we were capable of this, imagine what we could do if we only had 8-10% “.



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