Renzi is leaving for Africa. It will stop in Kenya, Senegal and Rwanda

Italia Viva, Renzi is leaving for Africa. It will stop in Kenya, Senegal and Rwanda

Matteo Renzi is leaving again. This time for the leader of Italia Viva the journey includes two or three stages in Africa, precisely in Kenya and in Senegal and perhaps you could add the Rwanda. The departure for Dakar – reads the Fatto Quotidiano – should be imminent, perhaps immediately after March 20, the date of the next national assembly of Italy Viva. This time it is not about paid lectures, as in the case of the infamous duet with Mohammad bin Salman, the crown prince of the Saudi royal family.

For Renzi’s trips to Africa there will be no lucrative lecturer activity, the senator from Scandicci leaves to strengthen the capital of personal relationships and institutional relationships that he has built up during his political career. With both heads of state – continues il Fatto – there is a friendly relationship that dates back to Renzi’s years at Palazzo Chigi: Sall and Kenyatta were received in Rome, in turn Renzi was welcomed in the institutional offices of the two African states. Renzi, continues to start alternating the activity of lecturer and the frequentation of leaders and heads of state; economic interests and personal prestige.


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