“Reopening of schools sign courage, let’s help families”

Today we need concrete actions, of hope and courage, to give a signal to the country. The reopening of schools goes in this direction. By now we have understood that infections among children are irrelevant and then we are vaccinating teachers and school staff. But schools are not places of contagion, if anything, the problem may be how to get to the institutions. The issue of transport, especially in large cities, has not been resolved or tackled with the right determination. At this time, however, it is very important to raise families and couples, where women have really borne the brunt of these closures, from keeping babies at home. It is therefore right to think of them, of the families who cannot afford a babysitter all day “. Francesco Vaia, medical director ofInmi Spallanzani From Rome.

The nursery school located inside the Spallanzani will also reopen on Tuesday. “Going back to school and getting back the spaces of sociality, for the little ones also means helping healthy lifestyles that are indispensable especially during an emergency like the one we are experiencing. kids can’t stand in front of devices or television – reiterates the director – They need their spaces and their sociability. Return to the appeal made in May 2020 on the expansion of school accommodation that can facilitate social distancing and allow children to enjoy greater moments of freedom “.

The collaboration of Inmi Spallanzani for the Vatican campaign dedicated to the vaccination of 1,200 poor people during Holy Week, “is an action that brings together two needs: the vaccine for the common good and public health. We must not look into our courtyard, from Pope arrives this great message and we have made it ours, but above all the campaign project is to help the poorest countries in the world because international mobility confronts us with the problem of new outbreaks and it is necessary to prevent this from happening by immunizing all people who live in social fragility “, Vaia affirmed, adding:” The contribution to acquire the vaccines, which we donate, comes from Rai for the social sector and from the program ‘I soliti ignoti’ conducted by Amadeus which I wish to thank. revenues will go to a project to support frailties at home “.


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