Reopening, “strengthened” white areas in 12 Regions. Curfew at midnight

The Coronavirus emergency in Italy continues. Despite the declining numbers, the daily deaths remain many and the vaccination campaign is proceeding but not as fast as expected. In this context of uncertainty, however, the Draghi government has decided to start the reopening, relying on “reasonable risk”. After having colored the whole country with yellow, we are preparing for the new downgrading to white, some regions are already ready. There are in fact – reads the Repubblica newspaper – five more big realities, compared to those expected, directed towards the scenario with fewer restrictions, for which the countdown for the blank passage could begin from next Friday. Molise, Friuli and Sardinia, the first to leave, are thinking of a “strengthened” white zone, with a curfew (which would not be foreseen) at 24 and anti-gathering measures. We would like to allow access, especially in Sardinia, only to those with the green pass.

If, on the other hand – continues Repubblica – the incidence is calculated at seven days until yesterday (i.e. starting from Wednesday 19) they are still slightly above: Lombardy is at 50.7, Emilia-Romagna at 51.9, Lazio at 52.2 and Piedmont, further behind at 55.3. As the number of new cases is falling by the day, they may all still be able to drop below the threshold with today’s and tomorrow’s data. If they all have white numbers, 14 will be added to Friuli, Sardinia and Molise, which should become that color on 31 May, and to Veneto, Liguria, Umbria and Abruzzo, destined to pass through on 7 June. The rule is that the incidence must be under 50 for three consecutive Friday monitors before moving into that color. The Regions will be discussing the characteristics of the white zone today. After that, for the yellow, important loosening of restrictions have been foreseen, in fact, there will not be many differences between the two scenarios.

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