Report: Apple’s AR glasses will arrive next year with a MacBook processor

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According to a new report, Apple’s augmented reality glasses are close and will come with advanced specifications without the need for a computer. According to the report, Apple is building on the glasses as a replacement for the iPhone

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Apple has some ambitious projects that are handled under a relative cloak of secrecy – and that every few months are given a new headline by analysts or leakers. One of these projects is the AR glasses that have been in development in recent years. And relying on one of Apple’s top analysts, we’re likely to see a first model of the glasses as early as next year with particularly strong specs.

M1-like chip and micro-OLED displays

Ming-Chi Ko, one of the top and most respected analysts in everything related to Apple, claims that the giant from Cupertino is expected to announce the first pair of AR glasses that it develops in recent years towards the end of next year – in the fourth quarter of 2022 to be exact.

A study published by Kav for investors said that Apple’s augmented reality glasses are expected to come with two chips – one of which will have the same processing power as the M1 processor that Apple unveiled last year as part of its transition to self-developed processors; And another, weaker processor, which is supposed to manage the operation of the sensors of the glasses.

Another interesting part of Kav’s forecast regarding Apple’s augmented reality glasses is that unlike quite a few smart products – which require some connection to a smartphone or computer – these glasses will be able to operate independently. By line, Apple has put a lot of eggs in its augmented reality glasses basket, believing they could even replace the iPhones within a decade.

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Apple’s AR glasses, Kav argues, will not stop there – and will also support the display of virtual reality (VR) content as they will also include a pair of 4K-OLED micro-OLED displays manufactured by Sony for Apple. To do this, the glasses will need a lot of processing power – and here comes the powerful M1-like chip that is supposed to come with them. According to the line, the glasses will simultaneously run 6-8 optical modules in parallel to provide users with a continuous AR (or VR) experience, which requires a more powerful chip than that of the iPhone, for example, which can run only 3 such modules simultaneously.

Koo, as mentioned, is one of the top analysts when it comes to Apple – and over the years he has had some exact vulnerabilities when it comes to his predictions regarding Apple. On the other hand, he only recently claimed that the new watch that Apple announced last month would come with a sensor for measuring body temperature – and he was wrong, but on the other hand he was right about a lot of other things that Apple announced at the same event. So in any case one should take his predictions with a limited guarantee.

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