Report: Explosion near the nuclear facility at Natanz; The Iranians claim

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The news agency affiliated with the regime’s student organizations in Iran reported tonight (Saturday) that a loud explosion was heard near the nuclear facility near the town of Natanz in the center of the country. Following reports of the blast, authorities in the Islamic Republic have issued a statement saying it is an exercise in the local air force.

According to the report, Iran’s air defense systems were activated against a hostile target. No damage was reported to the facility or any casualties in the area of ​​the blast. The Iranian Fars news agency reported a large explosion that illuminated the sky in the area of ​​the nuclear facility and that an unidentified UAV was shot down.

Although no indication of damage to the facility was received, social media surfers reported that the areas around the nuclear facility were evacuated and it is possible that the Iranian report of an anti-aircraft missile drill was intended to hide an attack on the facility. Last week, the British newspaper The Jewish published an article describing at length the previous attack on the Natanz nuclear facility in 2020 and claiming it was carried out with the help of UAVs that dropped explosives.

In addition, the “Jewish” reported this week that Israel is planning a series of sabotage and covert attacks against nuclear facilities and senior Iran officials. A statement issued by the Iranian Air Force Command said: “About an hour ago, one of the missile systems near Natanz was tested to test its readiness, and there is no cause for concern. “Such exercises are often performed in a safe and controlled environment and in complete coordination with the other relevant parties.”

The newspaper claimed that it received the information from sources in Jerusalem and senior members of the Israeli intelligence service and that the sources stated that the purpose of the operations would be to “hit the Iranian octopus.”

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