Report: Israel passed on information to the United States that Iran was preparing to enrich uranium at a military level

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Against the backdrop of the resumption of nuclear talks between the powers and Iran today (Monday) in Vienna, a US source noted that Israel has passed to Washington information that Iran’s recent preparatory actions in uranium enrichment will allow it to switch to uranium enrichment to 90% within a few weeks. Solely for the production of an atomic bomb.

According to Barak Raviv’s report in Walla, the same American source said that the assessment formed in Israel following the new information is that the Iranians may make an aggressive and dramatic move to enrich uranium at bomb level in the near future in order to get more bargaining chips in the nuclear talks in Vienna today.

In addition, Israel has shared with the United States further intelligence assessment that in the coming weeks Iran will escalate the attacks by pro-Iranian militias in Iraq, Syria and Yemen against American targets in the Middle East, also to pressure the United States in nuclear talks.

Today, Iran is enriching uranium at a level of 60%, a level much higher than the level allowed by the nuclear agreement, and in a move that is considered provocative of the powers. However, its 90% enrichment increase would be an unprecedented and dramatic Iranian move because that level was intended solely for the production of an atomic bomb.

In case Iran does make the dramatic move, it will need about 25 kilograms of enriched uranium to 90% to produce a single nuclear bomb. Technological processes that are estimated to take about another year or two in Israel.

As mentioned, Defense Minister Bnei Gantz said today during the announcement of the transfer of the Armed Forces to the Negev that “these days, Israeli teams are sharing with our friends around the world intelligence information indicating Iran’s continued to rush into the nuclear program while violating existing agreements with European countries.”

As mentioned, today began a round of talks between the powers and Iran on the nuclear issue. The talks took place in a joint meeting of the Iranian negotiating team headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Bagri-Kenny with representatives of the European Union, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Russia and China.

The US negotiating team led by Iranian envoy Rob Mali did not attend the meeting because the Americans are in indirect talks with the Iranians mediated by European countries. Regarding the return to the nuclear agreement. ”

He said he was optimistic about the talks so far but stressed that no breakthrough was expected in the current round of talks, “Iran has agreed that the negotiations will take into account the six rounds of talks that took place with the Rouhani government before the Iranian election. “Tomorrow’s talks day will be dedicated to the issue of sanctions and the one that follows to the issue of restrictions on the Iranian nuclear program.”

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