Report: Israel sent a threatening message to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

Israel sent a threatening message to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, warning him of backing Iran’s operations in his country, as well as continuing to transfer quality weapons into Syria, saying that one of his palaces could serve as the next target for a raid by Israeli fighters, according to The Arab news site Ilaf.

This threat comes after the shutdown of the airport in Damascus following an attack attributed in this media to the Israeli Air Force last weekend. Reports in the Arab media said that Hezbollah and Iranian militias were damaged in the attack, and satellite photos of an intelligence report by the satellite company and intelligence solutions Imagesat International (ImageSat International – ISI) show that the attack led to the complete shutdown of the two runways. In Damascus.

The Russian Foreign Ministry condemned the attack on Israel at the airport, saying it violated the basic norms of international law: “Such irresponsible actions create serious risks to international air traffic and put the lives of innocent people in real danger. We demand that the Israeli side stop the practice. this”.

In addition, the Arab news site reported that Russia had threatened to withdraw from the agreement between the two countries, which would allow Israel freedom of action in Syrian airspace, if such attacks continue. The site also reports that relations between Russia and Israel have deteriorated since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, when the Russians began to allow Iran to move towards southern Syria, in violation of the “80 km” border agreement that was in force between Russia and Israel. From 80 km from the Israel-Syria border, thus blocking the Iranian establishment along Israel’s territory.


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