Report: “Luis Suarez will return to play for Nacional”

This summer, there are signs of a recurring motif: footballers who decide to put down the wandering stick, after a long career, and return to the most natural place – home. And at least according to reports, a particularly exciting “comeback” is set to happen soon.

According to reports tonight (Thursday-Friday) in Uruguay, Luis Suarez will return to his youth team Nacional. The 35-year-old striker, who has previously played for luxury clubs such as Liverpool, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, is set to sign a contract until the World Cup, which will take place in Qatar in the autumn.

Fans, of course, can no longer wait: during tonight’s match between Nacional and Sirito, tens of thousands of fans sang songs thanks to him from the 9th minute (as Suarez’s shirt number), and even wore cardboard masks in the form of Suarez. All, as part of a network campaign designed to bring the striker back to the club where he grew up.

Suarez, it will be recalled, ended a two-year contract at Atletico Madrid – his last team, and is now a free agent. Quite a few teams were interested in his services, including the ex-Barcelona, ​​Borussia Dortmund and Marseille – but all of these options were out of the question.

Now, and perhaps even before the World Cup in which he will try to win (probably for the last time) with his team a great achievement, he may hold on to what is considered inconceivable – to return to Uruguay. Will it happen? The local media are convinced that it is, and now it remains to wait for an official announcement, if it comes.


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