Report – Milchen’s assistant revealed: These are some of the gifts that Sarah Netanyahu received

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About a week after the publication of a new testimony from Arnon Milchen’s assistant in the 1000 case, News 13 this evening (Sunday) published new investigative materials collected by the prosecution. The materials were published the evening before the opening of the testimony of state witness Nir Hefetz in the trial of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to Klein’s testimony, some of the gifts the former prime minister received were also jewelry.

The publication brought the testimony of Milchen’s daughter, who claimed that “Father asked to buy Sarah Netanyahu jewelry. He asked for the amount to be between NIS 10,000-5,000. I understood that Sarah loved the jewelry and wanted something else.”

“I told my dad I’m glad Sarah sang, but I’m not going to buy another piece of jewelry,” she added, “I would never in my life have asked someone who brought me a gift to buy me something else that goes with it.”

In addition, the published material also dealt with businessman James Packer’s meeting with the Netanyahu couple in 2014. According to Klein’s testimony, Packer’s assistant, Ian Morris, bought Sarah a jewelry set at an upscale store in the Mamilla neighborhood of Jerusalem: “” Sarah called me I’ll come because she got a gift, but she has a set just like that. I think it cost NIS 69,000, I found such a necklace for her. “

According to Klein’s testimony, another purchase was made near Netanyahu’s speech to the US Congress: “I got a job call, this time they have an anniversary and she wants a nice gift. Arnon said we should talk to Packer, and he said he would buy a nice gift.” News 13 noted that following Klein’s testimony, police investigators flew to Sri Lanka to collect testimony from Packer’s assistant.

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According to News 13, the investigation material revealed more purchases, according to which Packer used to buy Sarah Netanyahu handbags for thousands of shekels, at her request. Milchen confirmed to investigators over the phone the bulk of Klein’s testimony.


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