Report: Turkey thwarted Iranian attempt to harm former Israeli ambassador

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Report: Turkey thwarted Iranian attempt to harm former Israeli ambassador

Just before visiting Lapid: Turkish intelligence revealed today (Thursday) that it had thwarted an attempted abduction and injury to a former Israeli ambassador and his wife who were staying at a hotel in the Yuglo district, near the Old City area.

Following this, the police and the Turkish National Intelligence Organization carried out an extensive arrest operation last night during which about ten suspects were arrested, including local collaborators, at a hotel and in three separate houses in the same district. During the operation, many documents, digital materials, silencers and guns were seized.

The investigation of the suspects continues, but initial specifications indicate that they also planned to kidnap and attack Israeli diplomats and tourist groups in Istanbul. According to the report, the Mossad located Israelis who were on target and flew them in a private plane back to Israel.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Bennett revealed that in recent days a number of terrorists had been thwarted and a number of terrorists had been arrested on Turkish soil. “We are cooperating with the Turks and it has borne fruit – we have reached de facto assassinations,” he said.

According to Arab media reports, Tayeb is described as “a wounded animal and in a state of deep madness.” The architect of the Iranian attacks is one of the strongest security personnel in the country for the past 15 years and has held a number of important military and security positions. Despite this, this morning media outlets affiliated with the Iranian regime reported that Tayeb, was fired from his post, while at the same time there are further reports of an assassination attempt on him and his subsequent transfer to hospital after being injured in mysterious ways.

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