Reporting: Google has given Meta an illegal advantage in its advertising auctions

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(NYSE: GOOGL), Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pichai oversaw an illegal transaction in 2018 in which Google gave an advantage in its advertising centers to Facebook, according to a lawsuit filed against them for violating antitrust laws.

As part of the lawsuit, which was led by the Texas Attorney General, Google is accused of illegally collaborating to advance Facebook’s position in the company’s advertising auctions as well as block competing advertising networks and manipulate the auctions operated by the sites.

Google, ostensibly organized the deal after Facebook announced a move that would make it easier for advertising sites to bypass Google’s payments for advertising through its services. As a result, there has been concern on the part of Google that a significant threat to its advertising services will appear, and especially if enough buyers would have been able to do so through Facebook’s Facebook services.

It was also reported that Google is accused of changing the price of advertisements as part of a project called Bernanke, during which bids that won high places in the tenders that Google placed were removed. The prosecution’s allegations are that Google benefited from the gap between the differences in winning places in the tender and therefore harmed companies that rely on advertising revenue, which could have been higher had it not been for the move.

A representative of Google stated in response that the company intends to file a petition to dismiss the lawsuit and claimed that it has no legal basis. He added that the company signs hundreds of agreements every year that do not require the CEO’s approval, as in this case. Google also claims that the existing agreements allow all companies to participate in open tenders, which helps increase the demand for advertising and contributes to these companies’ revenues. Already in the past the accusations and therefore has not yet responded to reports.

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