Reports in Cyprus: Eitan Biran’s grandfather’s assistant arrested

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A world-wide affair: After Italy issued an international arrest warrant against him, the Cypriot media reported this morning (Friday) that Gabriel Alon – the suspect in aiding the abduction of the 5-year-old boy from Italy – has been arrested. Alon is an Israeli living in Cyprus and is suspected of having helped Eitan’s grandfather cross the border with his grandson.

About a week ago, Alon responded to the suspicions against him and vehemently rejected them. “I was not on the plane at all. They are just doing me an injustice. I am willing to be interrogated in Israel and give a version to the police investigators that will prove that I was not on the plane while the grandfather and grandson were on it,” he claimed through his associates in a conversation with Mako. “I am not a criminal and I am not running away anywhere. I will fight to prove my innocence and appeal for the revocation of the order.”

Alon’s arrest in Cyprus was also reported in Italy. He was reportedly arrested in Limassol after Cypriot police tracked down his mobile phone. He is suspected of aiding Shmuel Peleg, Eitan’s grandfather, but also of being a member of an American contractor agency that works in Iraq and Afghanistan – and was even called a “mercenary.”

According to the report, the boy Eitan was transported by car to Switzerland and from there to Israel in a private plane rented by Alon in the days before for 46,000 euros, and landed hours later in Tel Aviv.

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