Rescue of 13 Tamils ​​trapped in Myanmar due to Tamil Nadu government action: Chief Minister advises on providing economic assistance

CHENNAI: A mafia gang smuggled 300 Indians from Thailand to Myanmar in search of job opportunities. 13 people from Tamil Nadu, including a woman, were rescued due to efforts taken by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. K. Stalin on information about this. They returned to Chennai early yesterday morning via Delhi by flight. Some private companies in India advertised online for good salary and permanent jobs in IT sector in Thailand. Many young people from Tamil Nadu and other states who read it, paid the money asked by the placement agency and flew to Thailand with the dream of a job and a hefty salary.

However, instead of Thailand, the flight that these youths were on was forcefully landed in Myanmar. Not expecting this, the youths refused to get off the plane. But they beat them and took them to a corner of Myanmar. They are forced to do illegal work there. Young people who believed that IT was a respectable job were treated like slaves in Myanmar. They were shocked because they were involved in illegal and anti-social activities.

Those youths demanded that we cannot do those jobs, send us back to India. But the gang beat and kicked and tortured the youth and bullied them into doing the work we told them to do. Only then do they realize that they have been tricked and trapped by the mafia. After this, they secretly gave secret information to the parents, central and state governments through their cell phones.

After this, the Tamil Nadu government investigated how many people were trapped in the mafia gang. At that time around 300 Indians were trapped. It was revealed that 50 of them were Tamils. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Stalin immediately requested the central government to rescue the 50 Tamil youths trapped in Myanmar. He also wrote an urgent letter to Prime Minister Modi. Similarly, other state governments also made demands to the central government.

Following this, the central government informed the Indian embassies in Myanmar and the country and started rescue operations for the Indian youth. Accordingly, some Indian youths have been rescued in the first phase. 13 of them are from Tamil Nadu. All these rescued Indians were taken from Myanmar to Thailand. Then they arrived at Delhi airport yesterday afternoon by plane from Thailand.

Among them, 13 youths from Tamil Nadu arrived in Chennai yesterday morning at 1.30 a.m. in an Indigo Airlines passenger flight. They were welcomed by Tamil Nadu Minister Senji Mastan. Speaking to the reporters then, the minister said, “These 13 people have been rescued in the first phase. The rest will be redeemed. They have gone on tourist visas through agents. Those agents will be identified and action will be taken. He also said that the Chief Minister will discuss and take action about helping them financially.

* Rescuers
Abdullah Pudukottai, Vignesh, Tenkasi, Wesley Gowai, Kumar Gowai, Ahmed Vellore, Sachin Vellore Sivasankar, Uthagamandalam, Soundar Pollachi, Ms. Ariyalur, Prashanth Kanyakumari, Jenikas Kanyakumari, Sikkimar Karur, Sebastian Trichy. It is noteworthy that Ms. Benan from Ariyalur is among them.


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