Research into healthcare technology in one’s own living environment

Research into healthcare technology in one’s own living environment

Subsidies have been awarded to six consortia for research into healthcare technology in the own living environment. The aim of the ‘Care in your own living environment’ subsidy call is to contribute to the health and self-reliance of citizens and to promote and maintain this. To this end, research will be carried out into further development and making technology applicable and effective in one’s own living environment. On the one hand, this technology will contribute to a healthy lifestyle, on the other hand, with the help of technology, care and support can be transferred to the own living environment.

The call for grants contributes to the central mission for Health & Care. For 2040, this central mission has two goals. First of all, that all Dutch people live at least five years longer in good health. Secondly, the health disparities between the lowest and highest socio-economic groups have decreased by 30 percent.

The awarded projects

  • Technology Assisted Self-Management: Preventing Relapse and Crisis by the Severe Mentally Ill Themselves
  • SMART: development and evaluation of an AI-supported just-in-time adaptive lifestyle app to improve self-management in people with hip and knee osteoarthritis
  • The HealthBox: a personalized, home-based eHealth intervention to treat metabolic syndrome and prevent its complications.
  • LIFTS: Healthy Lifestyle for low liTerate teenagerS
  • [email protected]: remote monitoring and intervention during detoxification from addictive substances
  • Developing A digital COPD companion for Improving Lifestyle (DACIL)

Interdisciplinary collaboration

To achieve a social impact, an interdisciplinary and integrated research approach is necessary. The collaboration between citizens, companies, governments and researchers, or the ‘quadruple helix’, is important in this respect. That is also the reason why citizens, companies, governments and researchers with different backgrounds (alpha, gamma and beta always) are represented within the KIC projects. An open view of every project member is what this collaboration requires. This can lead to an enrichment of research through (partly) new methods and/or perspectives for action.

Healthcare technology and economic opportunities

Pioneering innovative solutions with social and economic impact is what the KIC university research program stands for. In order to tackle major social challenges with smart technologies, companies, knowledge institutions and governments are investing in the commercial application of knowledge. In this way, jobs and income are secured in the future. All this has been laid down in the Knowledge and Innovation Covenant (KIC) 2020-2023, which is in line with the mission-driven top sectors and innovation policy of the central government.

Companies and knowledge institutions are brought together by ZonMw and NWO and they jointly fund groundbreaking research based on their innovative, high-impact research proposals. Here can read more about the programming of the Knowledge and Innovation Covenant (KIC) 2020-2023.


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