Resident Evil 4 Remake RE4 Remake Raiders|All Weapons Starting Method Maglin Pistol

Resident Evil 4 Remake RE4 Remake Raiders|All Weapons Starting Method Maglin Pistol

Resident Evil 4 Remake RE4 remake guide how to get all weapons|The much-anticipated Resident Evil 4 remake “Resident Evil 4” Remake will be launched soon, the following is the game guide of “Hong Kong 01” technology plaything channel, which provides how to get all weapons.

Most of the same merchants buy some to be picked up or unlocked by achievements

“Resident Evil 4” has a variety of weapons to choose from, most of which can be purchased from merchants as the chapter progresses, or can be redeemed from merchants using “Spinel”. In addition, there are several guns that need to be picked up on the map. The following provides the locations of all weapons that need to be picked up and how to get them.

W870 (Shotgun)

On the second floor wall of one of the houses in the village in the first chapter, the guns that can be obtained in the trial version are generally not missed.

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Red9 (pistol)

In Chapter 4, take a boat to the shipwreck in the middle of the lake and open the treasure chest to get it. Click the picture to enlarge the location:

CQBR assault rifle

In Chapter 10, Leon returned to the library where Ashley obtained the key chain in the previous chapter, and obtained it by opening the folder on the wall with the cube device key.assault rifleuse rifle ammo, the rifle ammunition itself is not much and the consumption of automatic rifles is large, I personally do not recommend it, or the devil ray is better to use; but even if it is not used, it can be sold for money, so it is still worth taking. Click to enlarge location:

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LE 5 (submachine gun)

In the “Freezer Room” in Chapter 11, you can get it by completing the circuit puzzle. Since you will not be attacked by the enemy (even if the enemy is behind you) when solving the puzzle, you can ignore it even if you are being chased by a monster Solve the puzzle and get the gun directly. Click the picture to enlarge the position and solve the circuit puzzle:

Finally, one of RE4’s most worthy of Buddha’s heart is that the two Magnum pistols (Magnon) “Broken Wing Butterfly” and “Killer7” can be purchased directly from merchants, without the need to die on the map.

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