Resident Evil Village DLC publicly available for playable third-person Rose RE2, 3rd-gen version

Resident Evil Village DLC officially released the latest information on RE2 and 3rd generation RE4 Capcom conference | Game conferences have been frequent in recent days. Following the PS State of Play and Xbox conferences earlier, today (June 14th) ) In the morning, there was another Capcom press conference, bringing new information on Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak and various games in the Biohazard series.

Resident Evil 8 DLC officially released to play the new story of Ethan’s daughter

“Resident Evil Village” Resident Evil 8 DLC “Winter’s Expansion” has finally been officially announced, which will include a new chapter “Shadow of Rose” that operates Ethan Winters’ daughter “Rosemary Winters” ; This chapter will be played in the third-person perspective, and the third-person perspective mode will also be added to the game.

The new story “Shadow of Rose” tells the story of Rose’s entry into the memory world of the fungus master, an abnormal world that is far from the reality so far. Although ammo and recovery medicine can also be bought in the memory world, the number is very limited, and resource management is more important than that. Of course, in addition to bullets, Rose can also use her own superpowers.

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Watch the Resident Evil Village DLC officially released the latest information on RE2 and 3rd generation RE4:

In addition, the mercenary mode also has new content, which will add additional levels that can operate Chris, Heisenberg and Mrs. Timmy Streku, and each character has different actions and unique weapons from Ethan.

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Castle of Evil: Reversal will also be released on October 28

The asymmetric confrontation game “Resident Evil Re:Verse” originally scheduled to be presented with Resident Evil 8 will also be launched simultaneously with the Bio8 DLC. Players who already own Bio 8 and purchase the Gold Edition will get it for free. Resident Evil 8 DLC and Resident Evil Village “Gold Edition” including this + DLC will be released on October 28; at the same time, the next-generation versions (PS5 and XS) of RE2, RE2 and Resident Evil 7 have also been launched today. Players who own the PS4/Xbox version can upgrade directly.

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The next generation of RE2 and RE3 is finally out

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