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Germany will become fairer, freer, more sustainable – this is what the traffic light parties promise us in the coalition agreement (177 pages).

In the new year they want to “get to work”, says the Chancellor. A resolution for 2022!

But are the traffic light ministers also keeping an eye on us voters and taxpayers? BILD has a couple of very personal suggestions as to what goals Scholz and his top ministers should set themselves.

The BILD wish attachments for …

Annalena Baerbock

Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (41, Greens) expect tough negotiations in Beijing, Moscow and Washington.

BILD recommends: Read a lot! “The Art of War”, the strategy book by Chinese politicians. The biography of Putin “The Man Without a Face”. And the book by US judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died in 2020: “My Own Words”.

Olaf Scholz

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (63, SPD) wants to “dare to progress”, inspire the future – but mostly exudes the temperament of an estate administrator.

BILD recommends (with all due understanding for the dignity of the office) a little more chakka and zest for life: a rhetoric seminar (“speaking freely with gestures and facial expressions”).

Photo: Bernd von Jutrczenka / dpa

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Cem Özdemir comes by bike to the handover in the Federal Ministry of Food and AgriculturePhoto: Bernd von Jutrczenka / dpa

Cem Ozdemir

Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir (56, Greens) has not forgotten his job (“educator”) even as a minister, wants to ban food “at junk prices”, and drives up to be sworn in on an e-bike.

BILD recommends: a small field trial “Living with Hartz IV” – and for a week only go vegan, gluten- and lactose-free shopping in the organic market around the corner! And: switch to the normal bike (electricity prices!).

Robert Habeck

The climate and economics minister Robert Habeck (52, Greens) loves his image as an outdoorsman and horse whisperer in the casual country life look. But as a federal minister you also have to pay attention to etiquette.

BILD recommends: Crash course in tie-tying and ironing trousers! And maybe a shave too.

Karl Lauterbach

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (58, SPD) remains a permanent TV guest on all channels. Sometimes things that he announces in panel discussions in the evening have to be put into perspective again in the morning at press conferences.

BILD recommends: Talk show fasting – at least for a few days.

Karl Lauterbach (2.v.l.) im Spetember zu Gast bei Maybrit Illner (3.v.l)Photo: ZDF / Svea Pietschmann

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Karl Lauterbach (2nd from left) visits Maybrit Illner (3rd from left) in SeptemberPhoto: ZDF / Svea Pietschmann

Christine Lambrecht

Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (56, SPD) actually wanted to go to the interior department, confessed in the BILD am SONNTAG interview that she has not yet been able to distinguish a lieutenant colonel from a lieutenant colonel.

BILD recommends: Reading evening with the “Reibert” (“Bundeswehr Handbook”). And buffalo from A for Admiral to Z for regular soldier.

Volker Wissing

Transport and Digital Minister Volker Wissing (51, FDP) is now responsible for everything that keeps us mobile: cars, planes, rail traffic, but also cell phones and 5G.

BILD recommends: Follow the first cabinet meeting in the new year virtually from the ICE – and experience each radio gap individually …

Finanzminister Christian LindnerPhoto: Parwez .

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Finance Minister Christian LindnerPhoto: Parwez .

Christian Lindner

Finance minister and Porsche driver (with a racing license) Christian Lindner (42, FDP) has so far made no move to curb exploding fuel costs.

BILD recommends: refuel the company car out of pocket for a week. And: Dagobert Duck’s collected works (“How to keep money together”).



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