Restoration of the Mosaic by Alessandro al Mann in Naples has begun

twelve o’clock, 4 March 2021 – 15:29

Director Paolo Giulierini: “Site online and open to the public as soon as possible”

(ph Marco Pedicini-Mann)

NAPLES – At the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, the restoration of the famous Alexander Mosaic has been started. The start of the construction site was attended by Paolo Giulierini (MANN Director), Amanda Piezzo (Technical Director of mosaic restoration works), Antonio De Simone (Scientific Director of the works), Maria Teresa Operetto (MANN Restoration Laboratory Manager) and Claudia Carrer (Partnership, Alliances / TIM Project Manager).

“It takes courage to face a restoration of this type, the courage that this great person transmits to us, who set out to conquer the world”, said today the director of the MANN, Paolo Giulierini: “A courage that was partly lacking in the past times. I thank Antonio De Simone who immediately underlined the urgency and importance of this restoration and our architect Amanda Piezzo. The Museum, with its restoration laboratory led by Maria Teresa Operetto, has not closed in on itself for this undertaking. We work together with important scientific partners, universities and TIM in collaboration with NTT DATA for a technology that combines with the daily miracle of the hands of our restorers. It will be a transparent restoration, which can be visited when the museums reopen and in some stages even online. All together we take this great responsibility, in coordination with the Central Institute for Restoration (ICR) directed by Alessandra Marino, whom I thank. In a year we will organize the great exhibition “Alessandro and the way of the Indies” with the Campania Region. Because our Museum, a symbol of Italian archeology in the world, looks to the East and the West ».

March 4, 2021 | 15:29

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