Restrictions on access to Rowla Sharif; Admission is only once every 30 days

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Access to Rawla Sharif in Madinah was restricted. Admission to Rowla Sharif will be given only once in thirty days. However, this restriction does not apply to those who receive two doses of the vaccine to pray at the Haram Mosque in Madinah.

The Masjid in Madinah restricts access to the Rowla Sharif, which is adjacent to the Prophet’s tomb. The new regulation comes as congestion increases. The same person will be allowed to enter again only after completing 30 days of praying at Rowla Sharif once.

Children under 12 years of age and those who have not received two doses of the Kovid vaccine will not be allowed. But there is no need for a 30-day break to pray in the Masjid al-Naba in Madinah. Earlier, the Haram Affairs Ministry had said that women would be allowed to enter the Rowla from the night Isha prayer to the morning prayer and from the morning prayer to the Luhr prayer in the afternoon. Bob Usmani bin Affan at 24 on the north and Bab Makkah on 37 on the south are the gateways for women.


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