“Restrictions work, expected to decrease in cases”


“That the anti-Covid restrictions work is evident. All the regions that first adopted them are already experiencing a decline in the prevalence of cases”. This was specified by Stefania Salmaso, epidemiologist of the Italian Association of Epidemiology (AIE), guest of ‘Agorà’ on RaiTre, underlining that “at a national level, we are at a fairly high level of incidence, cases increase but not so quickly and from next week we are confident to see a situation either stationary or in slight decline. “

Salmaso continued: “What still worries are the hospitalizations in intensive care due to the long wave of infections” which occurred before the restrictions, while as regards the victims, “we observed that the number of deaths is regularly around 2% of the number of cases recorded 13 days earlier. So somehow, in the space of two weeks, the ‘peak’ that there was produces many deaths. Previously the percentage was close to 3%.

Commenting on the data of a study by the Ieo of Milan which established that there is no correlation between the increase in infections and the opening of the school, Salmaso explained that “the current data are not good. The study also makes correlations about large numbers but it tells us nothing about the infections that can occur in the school “. “This is not to say that the school is dangerous, I am also convinced that it should be the last to close. Unfortunately – underlined – in a year of pandemic we have not been able to have an infection surveillance system in the school” .


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