Reuters: US to expand restrictions on semiconductor exports to China

The administration of US President Joe Biden intends in October to tighten restrictions on the export to China of American semiconductors used in the creation of AI systems and microcircuits, Reuters writes, citing sources.

The US Department of Commerce plans to publish new rules that have already been described in letters that three US companies received from the department: KLA Corp, Lam Research Corp and Applied Materials Inc. The letters prohibited companies from selling chip-making equipment without a proper license to those Chinese factories that produce advanced semiconductors with manufacturing processes of less than 14 nanometers.

In addition, the document will also reflect restrictions on the sale without a license of a number of high-performance graphics processors manufactured by Nvidia and AMD.

The department itself did not comment on the rules, but stated that it “is taking a comprehensive approach to introducing additional actions to protect the national security and foreign policy interests of the United States.”

The expansion of restrictions is likely to affect other US companies that have not received such letters before, writes Reuters. In addition, new restrictions that have not been previously reported may be introduced.

In early September, The New York Times reported on the restriction on the sale of A100 and H100 chips manufactured by Nvidia and MI250 AMD. According to the publication, this step was a continuation of the “cold war” between the United States and China in the field of advanced technologies, launched back in 2020 by the administration of former President Donald Trump. Nvidia then clarified that its business, which brought it about $400 million in the last quarter, fell under the restrictions.

These restrictions will also affect Russian companies that use Nvidia and AMD accelerators – Yandex, VK, Sberbank and VisionLabs, Vedomosti wrote then.

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