Revealing the concept of the PlayStation 6 game console –

Revealing the concept of the PlayStation 6 game console –

current Sony has officially announced that we may be able to play PlayStation 6 By 2027, but still not revealing the shape of the machine (makes the PS5 last another 4 years)

Now the disciples of PlayStation can only imagine what the console will look like and more importantly Will the design stay the same?

PlayStation 6 is the next target of the famous gaming industry Sony same as the previous version When it launched it was expected to be the most popular gaming console in the world.

However, the design of the PS6 uses the same vertical orientation as its predecessor. But this time, the design of the machine was inspired by elegant skyscrapers.

which the overall design looks like a gaming machine Of the real future, the line that cuts through the device is filled with blue light that is the hallmark of the device. The design concept of PS6 combines the best of PS5 and PS3 together in a

The top part has a prow-like design that looks incredibly good, while the rest of the body is slim and symmetrical. The game of the future is always

At the same time, the air vents are well designed. Looking at it, it may have some resemblance to the PS5, with the left and right side of the machine similar to the color scheme of the light from the machine. (especially blue light)

Like the PS5, there are separate vents for air in and out to keep the chassis cool. The most unique feature of the PS6 is the LED light on the chassis.

Makes the PS6 look like it’s always alive. It comes with an app that allows you to change the RGB lighting on the device to any color.

Let’s look behind the device in terms of the ports that PlayStation 6 provides. There are HDMI ports, a LAN connector, and three USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports that support bandwidth up to 40Gbps.

There’s also no game disc tray, so it’s clear that Sony might switch to selling digital games due to lower costs and higher profit margins.

PlayStation 6 It is also available in two colors: pure silver and satin gray. With a smartphone app that lets you play with the built-in RGB lighting.

Although all this is just a concept. Only because there has not been an official announcement from Sony But one can’t help but imagine what the PS6 will look and feel like on launch day.



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