Review of Asaki A-B3557, backup battery, capacity 10000mAh, fast charging 2.1A, has two ports

Backup batteries (PowerBank) are important equipment that must be purchased properly. Not that you can buy any model to use. Because it is a safety and property that must be careful with precautions. However, if anyone looks at a standard backup battery Asaki A-B3557 good answer Has a battery capacity of 10000mAh, easy to use, chill, worry-free.

Asaki A-B3557 There are TIS quality standards. The number 2879-2017 is a symbol that certifies that this battery is safe. Confident in use Both can be carried in a bag anywhere. because it weighs not much More compact than conventional backup batteries Importantly, it can be taken on the plane as well (Airplane Allowed).

The accessories in the box include spare battery Asaki A-B3557 Capacity 10000mAh, comes with a 20 cm length MicroUSB-USB Type-A cable and user manual.

Asaki A-B3557 Lighter compared to conventional 10000mAh backup batteries, ready to give you confidence in use with non-flammable materials. There is a power supply port (OutPut) with a total of two ports, divided into two 2.1A ports. If charging the battery Can charge both Type-C and MicroUSB ports

There is a ring on the front of the battery. Displays the remaining battery level, 25% each, with a total of 4 lights, allowing you to plan your usage smoothly.

Asaki A-B3557 Available at leading stores across the country, priced at 499 baht, available in two colors: white and black, in addition, there is a 1-year warranty under the specified conditions. which you have to scan the QR Code on the side of the box


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