revolt against the anti-Covid- restrictions

Frightened citizens, angry students, police battles in the streets, more than a thousand arrests,a curfew that agents fail to enforce. And finally, the arrival of the SWAT teams, the riot police. It spring break, light-hearted holiday-recreation with which every year American university students celebrate the beginning of spring, in Florida an occasion for exaggerated celebrations, usually with a high alcohol content. This year in Miami Beach, however, went much further: the fuse was lit by the governor of the state, Ron DeSantis, who on February 26 canceled the few anti-Covid restrictions that had been introduced and declared Florida an oasis of freedom, open to all. College students across America took it tremendously seriously and flocked to Miami Beach and other beaches across the state. Obviously yeswithout mask and without respecting the spacing, also because all limits had been erased.

Friday, while the focus was on Mar-a-Lago, the resort where Donald Trump now resides, partially closed because a series of parties without a mask has once again favored the spread of the virus, the alarm went off on the busiest urban island in Florida. Pressed by citizens angry for the chaos that prevents them from circulating and sleeping at night and for the deterioration of sanitary conditions, the mayor Dan Gelber and the municipal administration they decided to enact a curfew from 8 in the evening to 6 in the morning, starting on Saturday.

But things did not go as expected. Young people continued to swarm the streets even late at night and some boys, furious at having been cheated of their party after being lured to Florida with the promise of absolute freedom, went for it. vandalism by smashing tables, chairs and shop windows in some of the Ocean Drive venues and setting fire to some cars. The pepper spray used by the police to try to enforce the curfew served little. And then, in front of the urban guerrilla scenes they were made SWAT teams take to the field and the evening curfew has been extended for the next three weeks: the entire spring break period, although the busiest week of the exodus should have been the one just ended.

Days that also carry around a bitter aftermath of resumption of infections: in the United States, after six weeks of continuous, rapid decline in coronavirus cases due to a now massive vaccination campaign with 2.5 million doses administered every day, in the last few days the epidemic has started to spread again in 15 states. The most affected is Michigan with an increase of 92% but now Miami has become the single city with the greatest increase in infections. the effect of the spread of the English and Brazilian variants. But it is difficult to assess its extent due to the limited number of swabs carried out and a search for variants which is even more limited.

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