“Revolutionizing 3D Gait Analysis for Children with Cerebral Palsy: Markerless Motion Tracking System at AUMC’s Movement Lab”

“Revolutionizing 3D Gait Analysis for Children with Cerebral Palsy: Markerless Motion Tracking System at AUMC’s Movement Lab”

2023-05-16 09:04:54

In the Movement Lab, the 3D gait analysis is often used for children with cerebral palsy. This analysis must identify the underlying causes of the disturbed gait pattern. This can then be used to determine which treatment is needed to improve the gait pattern.

The ‘markerless motion tracking system’ has already been tested for gait analysis in adults. Thanks to the Support Emma Foundation, the Movement Lab of the AUMC is now possible research to use it in children with cerebral palsy.


Making a 3D gait analysis using the physical markers is often experienced as burdensome, especially by young patients. Moreover, it is an examination that takes a lot of time in the preparation, when the balls are glued to the hips, knees and ankles. The new markerless motion tracking system ensures that the 3D gait analyzes are faster and less burdensome.

An additional advantage is the fact that the new system for 3D gait analyzes may also be used for children who have extra difficulty walking. For these patients, the old system was often unusable. Then it was decided to only make a video analysis. However, this provided less accurate insights than a 3D gait analysis.

The AUMC’s Movement Lab will investigate whether the new ‘markerless motion tracking’ system is also suitable for making 3D gait analyzes in young patients.

Comparative research

The scientific research that can now be carried out should clarify whether the ‘markerless motion tracking system’ is indeed suitable for making 3D gait analyzes in children. “Thanks to the Support Emma Foundation, we can now also start a scientific study to see whether the system also registers the correct movements in children with cerebral palsy,” says lead researcher Marjolein van der Krogt.

During the research, the new and the old system are used side by side so that the results can be compared with each other. If the comparison shows that both systems yield the same accurate results, then the markerless motion tracking system can also be used for movement analysis in children.

Unique system

The markerless motion tracking system for 3D gait analysis used in the AUMC Motion Lab is one of the first in the world. To make a 3D analysis, the system is equipped with seven cameras that film simultaneously and smart software.

The software superimposes a virtual skeleton on the images so that the doctor can see how the patient moves. In addition, the software calculates the angles in which the patient’s joints move, such as the knee angle and the ankle angle.

The use of physical sensors that are applied to the body to gain insight into movement problems is a technology that has been used for some time. For example, the Sint Maartenskliniek conducted a major exercise study last year during the Four Days Marches in and around Nijmegen. With this, the rehabilitation clinic wanted to gain more insight into how people walk in daily life.

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