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Bigg Boss season 4 was first noticed with contestants of different levels. Now the contestants of season 4 are the viral stars on social media. Homosexuals were included in this season. Aparna Mulbari, Jasmin and Ashwin spoke to the world about their community on the show.

Aparna Mulberry is one of the same-sex couples in Bigg Boss. Aparna introduced his wife on the show. Aparna, who is active on social media, shares photos with her doctor wife Amruthasree, which is all too rare.

Now the star Riyaz Salim has become a wild card entry in the show and has shared a picture with Aparna and his wife.

Riaz shared pictures of the two saying, ‘Love has many levels and it always wins.’ Many people come to express their love for all three people.

Aparna and Amrita got legally married in 2018. The two met during a Himalayan trip. There is no concept of husband among us. Aparna said I am Amrita’s wife, Amrita is my wife, that’s how we treat each other.


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