Ribery raised $ 30 million so we could easily manage data from hundreds of different sources

Rivery’s product enables the design, construction and automation of models and data processes, thus making business information accessible from hundreds of internal and external sources

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Many companies today encounter an excess of information and data that comes from dozens and sometimes hundreds of different sources. The Israeli startup Rivery wants to address exactly this problem with the SaaS product and today (Tuesday) it also announces a fresh round of recruitment.

Data from hundreds of sources

Ribery has developed a SaaS DataOps platform that allows companies to manage and automate data – even if they come from hundreds of different sources. In addition, the system enables orchestration and automation of models and processes in all different environments. The result, Ribery argues, leads to significant savings in time and implementation costs and ongoing use. In a conversation with Giktiim, explains Itamar Ben Hamo, co-founder and CEO of the company, through the product, companies can gather information from hundreds of different information sources, run and monitor the required transformations on the company’s data array in any cloud. ” “Different to the business value (thus shortening the time to receive the business value (Time To Value) from many months to a few hours.”

Ribery’s product competes in a number of areas including Legacy On Premise products, such as Informatica, Talend; Older products that are in the cloud like Matillion and Snaplogic; And products in the SaaS model similar to Ribery like Stitch and Fivetran.

What are the differences between your product and competing products?

Ben Hemo: “Ribery’s product provides a complete SaaS solution, so it gives customers the full flexibility to pay for what they need, while providing endless cloud reliability. That’s why we’re such good partners of Snowflake, AWS, Google Cloud – because we help They have to use the power and value of cloud data. “

Refreshing?  Want to upgrade?

Refreshing? Want to upgrade?
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Founded in 2017 by Itamar Ben Hamo (CEO), Aviv Noy (CTO) and Alon Reznik (Chief Architect), Rivery now reports $ 30 million in Round B led by venture capital fund Tiger Global Ventures, with the participation of existing state investors Of Minds Ventures and Entrée Capital. The total capital raised by the company since its inception stands at $ 48 million. Among the companies that already use its platform, you can also find Israeli companies such as Walkme, Riskified, Artlist, Minute Media and more.

This is how Rivery’s product works

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